Break the code. Solve the mystery. Unravel the legend and discover a treasure beyond your wildest dreams!

In Legend: A Game of Maps, you get to take the captain’s wheel in your own personalized adventure. By completing increasingly clever puzzles you learn the secrets of a vast story that spans centuries and continents. What awaits you on your way to forgotten wealth, you ask? Conspiracy… murder… and the greatest treasure of all time!

Legend: A Game of Maps is an episodic experience in which each segment of your journey—a collection of hand-made, archival quality artisan maps, parchments and other documents—reveals more of the story and provides more challenges. These are called ‘Mapsets,’ and each is made to look and feel so realistic that you will believe you are handling documents hundreds of years old.

Feel the excitement of beginning an epic adventure! Become an explorer… an archaeologist… a code-breaker…and take on the challenge of solving an immersive tabletop experience that is the perfect gift for adventurers young and old. More importantly, it’s even more fun with a group of your favorite friends and family members!

Game 1


Game 2