This particular Mapset (game) brings you to multiple continents and befuddles you with puzzles from a variety of old-world cultures.  It picks up where the last game’s surprise ending left off.  Building on your previous discoveries, you learn that you are not the only one chasing this treasure through history.  As the challenges and the stakes rise, so does the feeling that whoever created these Mapsets did not want their treasure found…and anyone who attempted to locate it would die trying.

Come visit unique destinations in the Mediterranean!  Join the Age of Discovery!  Find what others could not!  Meet the Maya culture, learn to translate their ancient symbols, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


Difficulty: Medium
Languages: Mainly English (also some Latin, Spanish & Mayan)
Ages: 12+ (younger players may need help from an adult)

What comes in the package:
– full-color, 15 x 24 inch (that’s 1.25 x 2 foot!) map printed on Engineering paper and aged with acrylic wash
– double sided, full-color Maya Codex printed on heavy, distressed parchment
– suspicious 15th Century correspondence printed on distressed parchment
– 9 encrypted code cards, printed on heavy parchment
– 1 encrypted, smaller artifact (see pictures), made with heavy parchment and twine
– faux 1908 instruction letter on smooth, cream writing paper
– beautiful, metallic-RED mailing envelope with recipient’s name written in gold calligraphy