This first package of documents (or Mapset) delves into the ill-fated voyage of Valore, a merchant ship which disappeared centuries ago at sea.

It is suspected she carried a significant portion of a much larger treasure in her hold. It is also believed she fell victim to sabotage, but only by deciphering this Mapset’s encrypted text and solving its riddles can one find out!


Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Language: Mainly English (some Latin, etc. is also used)
Ages: 12+ (younger players may need help from an adult)

What comes in the package:
–  full-color, 8.5×11 inch map printed on triple-primed, unbleached cotton canvas (archival quality) and sealed with real wax. Made to last!
–  3 encrypted pages printed on heavy, distressed parchment paper
–  faux 1908 instruction letter on smooth, cream writing paper
–  utility card with printed ruler and compass angles
–  beautiful, metallic-blue mailing envelope with recipient’s name written in gold calligraphy