each made, aged and packaged by hand . . .
to create the most immersive code-breaking & puzzle-solving experience possible
"The detail and craftsmanship of the map are astounding, and the symbol set you need to decode is pure genius! This game is challenging, and for that reason, it is exceptionally rewarding when you finally crack the code!"

- J. G.

I highly recommend this to all gamers, it’s simply perfection. We are definitely looking forward to future installments of the Legend series.

- G.B.

It arrived in a mysterious midnight blue envelope with gold writing. The contents were very well made and everyone was impressed

- R.V.

We had a great time deciphering and following all the clues. Already looking forward to the next part!

- F.C.
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A very unique experience!

Cleverly designed puzzles that keep you occupied for quite some time. Extremely high quality craftsmanship of the included materials. Eagerly awaiting Part 3!
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